WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter | A 2023 Review

The WEN 6.5-ton electric log splitter has a 2.5hp, 120Volt, 60 Hz, 3574RPM, 15Amp electric motor.

It’s designed for two-handed operation and has a cycle time of 20 seconds. You can reduce the cycle time for smaller logs by adjusting the ram limiting ring. It can split logs up to a length of 20.5″ and a diameter of 10″.

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

This log splitter can operate with or without the included stand. With minimal assembly, you can use it almost straight away.

Although supplied with hydraulic fluid, it may need topping up. If you are using it in temperatures of less than 40◦F, then a fluid change to a different type is recommended.

Most people who buy this log splitter are very satisfied with their purchase, one very common complaint however is that the wheels supplied with this product are very flimsy, and are next to useless when pulling this product on anything other than concrete or asphalt as with other electric log splitters. Given the requirement for an adequate power source I don’t think you will be moving it far. It is possible to power this log splitter with a generator, but it does have to be one of an appropriate size and strength. 

Another issue people face is the requirement for two-handed operation, a safety feature to ensure that your hands keep away from moving parts during the splitting process. Still, some people claim that it makes it harder for them to split the wood as they can’t hold the log during the splitting process. As a result, it creates extra work. 

This log splitter would be most suitable for domestic use, where you can bring the logs to the splitter rather than move the splitter. It is appropriate where the user is splitting logs, usually less than 10″ diameter. if the latter is you then this could be a great addition to your lawn and garden equipment. It wouldn’t suit anyone who is planning on regularly splitting logs of a size greater than 10″ diameter and needing the flexibility of moving the splitter around their property.


  • Can be used in enclosed spaces 
  • Easy storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • No exhaust fumes
  • optional stand included at no extra cost
  • very little maintenance


  • Area of use is limited to an adequate power source
  • Motor performance can be affected by the power source
  • Not suitable for large logs