Champion 25-Ton Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter Review 2023

If you have lots of wood to cut and need the flexibility of a towable log splitter, this one may suit you.

The Champion 25-Ton gas log splitter has a 224cc 4-stroke OHV Champion engine. It has a cycle time of 12 seconds with an auto-return function. You can stop the auto-return if you don’t need the ram to retract the whole way.

Its dimensions are a height of 44.7″, Width of 42.9″, and length of 89.3″. The total gross weight of the unit is 500lbs.

Switching from the horizontal log splitting position to a vertical position for bigger logs is a quick and easy process of removing a pin lifting the splitter and reinserting the pin.

The Champion 25-Ton log splitter includes log catchers. Some customers who purchased this product stated that the log catchers are a bit weak and can bend; however, they were still happy with the product. 

Another great feature is the ability to tow this log splitter. It comes included with a coupler ball that is 2″ in size. The tire sizes are 16″, and you can tow the splitter at speeds of up to 45 MPH.

The maximum log length is 24″, and a log weight of 100lbs.

Champion 25-Ton Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

In the vertical position, the height of the log will still be limited to 24″. There is no specification for the log diameter as you can use the splitter in the vertical position. Realistically when the log splitter is in the upright position, if you can’t lift the log by yourself or another person, it’s probably a bit too big. 

This log splitter will suit anyone who has a lot of large logs to split and requires the ability to tow it around their property or locations nearby. Due to its size and dimensions, the log splitter will fit on a truck bed if it needs relocating further away.

If you live at high altitudes, between 3000′-8000’ above sea level, Champion can provide a different carburetor main jet. The function of that is to assist with different air to fuel ratio required at higher altitudes.

Most customers who buy this product are delighted with it. Ones that have purchased this product and have had issues appear very satisfied with the customer support they received from the Champion customer care team.

The 25-Ton log splitter does require assembly, and some local stores will offer to assemble it for you.

Most people have stated that they needed two people to assemble this product as some items were heavy to lift. Another issue that people have pointed out is that the on/off switch is not easily accessible, and it was a concern for them to turn the unit off in an emergency.

Menovering the unit by hand can be cumbersome as there is no wheel at the front. The unit requires lifting before pushing or pulling it. Due to its weight, this may be an issue if you are on your own.


  • Cuts a large verity of log sizes
  • Can be used in a horizontal or vertical position
  • 2-year warranty 
  • 12-second cycle
  • Auto return function
  • Can be towed 


  • May require two people to assemble
  • Hydraulic fluid not included 

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