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Hi, and welcome to my wood splitter review site.

I live in a farming area and use a wood-fire to heat my home.

Cutting and splitting wood is a big part of my life when preparing for and during the colder months.

I am always looking to find more efficient ways to make the process of cutting and splitting wood more enjoyable, safer, and less time-consuming.

Frank Evandale Splitting wood with a 30 ton log splitter

This website aims to provide you with information that will hopefully assist you in finding a solution to your log splitting needs.

How I Bring You The Best Reviews

I have used my knowledge of wood splitting, to sift through thousands of customer reviews.  I have also gone through the relevant information in the manufacturer’s product operating manuals, so you don’t have to. That has allowed me to compile a summary of what I think would be practical solutions to various wood splitting needs. As I research more products, I will add them to my reviews.

As compensation for my time, if you purchase a product from Amazon through links on this website, at no extra cost to you, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Where and what product you end up purchasing to split your wood is entirely up to you. I hope the information provided on this website will assist you throughout that process.

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