6 ton Wood Splitter Comparison

6 Ton Electric Log Splitter Top 3 Comparison Review – 2023

Log splitting is a thankless job that most people are reluctant to do. After all, it’s time-consuming, exhausting, and frustrating.
With that in mind, if you’re looking for an easier way to split logs without all of the hassles of manual labor, then the 6-ton electric log splitters are for you! These are pretty easy to use. With only one push of the button, you can quickly and effortlessly split logs into halves.
Moreover, these machines also feature different power levels, rams, and blades, so you can customize your experience depending on how much work you have available at any given moment in time.
So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of some of the most popular 6-ton electric log splitter models on the market.
Plus, we’ll cover all the significant points to help you find your perfect machine for splitting logs around your yard, cabin, or farm!

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Our Top 3 Picks

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

What Are The Best Uses For A 6 Ton Electric Log Splitters

The 6 ton electric log splitters are perfect for any job that requires splitting medium, small-sized logs. 

Therefore, it performs best if the logs are about 520 mm or 1.7 feet long and 250 mm or 0.8 feet in diameter.  

However, these splitters offer high efficiency and speed up work time by 50% or more. Plus, their mechanisms are pretty powerful, which means they can cut through most types of logs like butter! 

Additionally, you don’t need to be an expert to operate these devices, either. Even someone without experience will find working on the 6 ton electric log splitter easy enough.

In a nutshell, these machines are excellent for a professional setting, but they’re also available for home use!

Who These Electric Log Splitters Would Suit Best

The 6 Ton electric log splitters are best for people who want to get the job done quickly. So, if you don’t want to waste any time, this is the tool for you!

Moreover, these devices boast incredible versatility. Even so, they remain pretty easy to handle. As such, most adults or even older people can use these splitters without the risk of injuring themselves.

But, people in colder regions who frequently need firewood will find these electric devices to be their lifesaver. 

Aside from this, any woodworking workshop would be incomplete without a proper log splitter. So, professionals too would benefit from these machines. 

In essence, except for the kids, anyone can use the electric log splitters comfortably. Furthermore, it’s most suitable for campers, woodworkers and the general people who live in colder areas.

Top 3 Picks Detailed Review

Not all log splitters are equal. Thus, picking a suitable machine for your needs can be pretty challenging.

So, in this section, we will go over three of the best electric log splitters and compare them to figure out what makes these machines so exceptional!

1. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

Maneuverable & Versatile!

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter combines a powerful induction motor with a heavy-duty wedge. This combination and the wheels make the equipment easy to maneuver while still offering excellent flexibility!

Yet, there is so much more to this log splitter. Thus, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look,

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter specs


With assistance from MAT Engine Technologies, a two-stroke engine, and a 5″ steel wedge, the core of this log splitter will last for ages. Furthermore, the device has sturdy wheels, which are less likely to suffer damage from accidental impacts and bumps.

However, its construction involves led. As such, extended exposure to this harmful material can cause cancer. 

Fortunately, as long as you take some safety measures and don’t eat the dust from this splitter, chances are, you will remain safe.


Southland Outdoor’s 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter sports fantastic maneuverability. It has two 7″ wheels which will let you push or pull it around almost effortlessly!

Moreover, there are just behind the wheels, making it possible to use the machine vertically and horizontally. This way, you can even store the log splitter in a corner, and it won’t take up too much ground.

Cycle times between strokes

This log splitter has an 18-second cycle time. Plus, it comes with a stroke limiter for fine-tuning the splitting process.

With this integrated limiter, you can improve the cycle time when working with smaller, softer logs. Last but not least, this device has an auto-retract feature, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting the limiter too often.

Manufacturer Warranty

MAT Engine Technologies offers a two-year warranty for this log splitter. During this time, they will repair or replace any defective devices.

In contrast, you can buy extended warranties for this product from amazon. If you are unsure, purchasing the three-year warranty will let you split logs in peace.

Customer service

Southland has numerous customer service centers in North America. Furthermore, you can also locate their customer service centers in some parts of Canada.

Additionally, you can use the service center locator from their official site to find the nearest one to your location.

Customer reviews

About 87% of customers who purchased the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 were amazed at its impeccable performance. 

The high maneuverability and versatile nature of this device contribute heavily to its rising popularity. However, it can be very challenging to find hydraulic fluids for this machine.

Nevertheless, it remains one of the best options for splitting logs because you can operate it vertically and horizontally!

2. SuperHandy Log Splitter Electric Portable 6 Ton Ram System

Eco-Friendly & Precise!

The SuperHandy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter is free from gas exhaust and emissions. In addition, it’s pretty quiet and precise when it operates.

In this section, we will take a more detailed look at this device.

SuperHandy Log Splitter Electric Portable 6 Ton Ram System 15Amp Specificationss


This machine features a heavy-duty electric motor and a steel wedge log splitter. Furthermore, a horizontal lightweight full-beam protects these parts from outside impacts.

As a bonus, it has transport wheels that are also pretty durable. 


Unlike Southland Outdoor’s 6 ton electric log splitter, the SuperHandy splitter has ergonomic handles. As such, it’s easier to control its movements in most terrains.

However, while these wheels are sturdy, they aren’t as efficient as the Southland splitter’s wheels. So, it may take a bit longer to master the maneuvering techniques for this device.

Cycle times between strokes

Due to its fantastic precision, this machine has a 15 second cycle time. Nevertheless, it may differ depending on the quality of logs and the type of wood that it splits.

Moreover, it doesn’t come with an integrated cycle limiter, so you may need to wait patiently even when splitting smaller length logs.

Manufacturer Warranty

Unfortunately, this device does not come with its manufacturer warranty. So, quite a few people would find it risky to go with this log splitter.

However, you can still purchase an assuring warranty or the Amazon guaranty if you are not quite sure about its longevity.

Customer service

SuperHandy provides excellent customer service. If the item is broken during the initial days or does not function properly, the chances are that you will get a replacement or refund relatively quickly.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to assemble this electric log splitter. Therefore, with a bit of guidance from customer service, you may be able to fix most issues at home!

Customer reviews

The feedbacks for this log splitter is primarily positive. About 85% of customers are happy with its eco-friendly and quiet nature.

Yet, there are still some complaints regarding the lack of a manufacturer warranty and the transport wheels. Also, it’s not suitable for commercial use.

Even so, it’s a great piece of machinery for its price!

3. PowerSmart Log Splitter, 6-Ton Hydraulic System Wood Splitter, 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

Stable & Durable!

PowerSmart cares a lot about consistent quality, so their 6-ton electric log splitter sports a stable performance. Moreover, its frame, wheel, and hydraulics are also pretty sturdy, further enhancing its splitting capability.

Since it portrays itself as an excellent tool, let’s take an in-depth look at it.

PowerSmart Log Splitter, 6-Ton Hydraulic System Wood Splitter, 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter Sepcifications


The combination of a powerful motor with sturdy beam handles and wheels ensures that the PowerSmart log splitter will remain active for a long while without suffering any damage.

Moreover, it has a thick heavy-duty steel frame, so it should survive most accidental hits and impacts. 


This log splitter is less maneuverable than the previous two, even with rear wheels and a compact build. After all, it has a staggering weight that goes up to 101 lbs or 45.8 kg!

Still, with a bit of patience and effort, you should be able to maneuver it where you need.

Cycle times between strokes

This log splitter has a longer cycle time than the Superhandy or the Southland machine. It takes about 22 seconds to cycle between strokes.

However, it can also split logs with more length. As long as the wood log is less than 21″ in size, this splitter will be able to handle it with ease.

Manufacturer Warranty

Powersmarts 6-ton electric log splitter comes with a two-year warranty. Plus, you can get the amazon guarantee too if you wish.

Usually, the motor and hydraulic systems are the most vulnerable parts of this device. But, this splitter is durable to the point where it requires very little maintenance.

Customer service

Among these three log splitters, Powersmart has the best customer service. They are very dedicated and care a lot about customer satisfaction.

Typically, they respond to any queries within 24 hours and try their best to provide practical solutions.

Customer reviews

This machine has some mixed reviews. Customers who use it to split softer logs mostly appreciate its durable build and stable performance. 

In contrast, those who need to work with more complicated wood logs like the live oak are disappointed by this device’s inability to split those properly.

As such, it looks like the splitter is ideal for lightweight log splitting jobs.

Bottom Line

These three electric log splitters are all excellent choices for your home, farm, or other wood processing needs. Yet, some are better than others when it comes to specific features.

As such, we hope you found the information in this post helpful, and it shall assist you in making a more informed decision.

So, pick up one of these top-of-the-line electric log splitters and try it out today!