24 and 22 ton wood log splitter review with gas engine

Gas Log Splitter 22-24 Ton Detailed Comparison Review 2023

Manually splitting logs takes time and effort. Plus, It’s easy to injure yourself if you are not very careful every step of the way.
So, if you are looking for a safer way to split logs, but don’t want to spend too much time, then gas log splitters are worth considering. After all, these machines can operate outdoors or in a well-ventilated shelter, open garage and they are safe for home use!
Moreover, a gas log splitter is typically more powerful than an electrically powered one. Thus, no matter what type of wood logs you want to split, these devices won’t disappoint you.
However, all this power comes at a price. Usually, these machines are pretty heavy and not as maneuverable. Yet, they more than make up for this flaw with fantastic performance and work efficiency!
Therefore, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best 22-24 ton gas log splitters to determine what makes them so exceptional.

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Our Top 4 Picks

Remington RM23 Sequoia 159cc 23 Ton Log Splitter
Remington - 23 Ton
NorthStar - 24 Ton
Powerhorse - 22 Ton
WEN -22 Ton

What Are The 22-24 Ton Gas Log Splitters Best For

The majority of the 22-24 ton gas log splitters can quickly split any wood log as long as they are not very twisted. Even if these logs are not straight grain, these effective machines can still splinter them with raw power, though it may take more time.

Typically, these devices feature an industrial-grade motor, heavy-duty hydraulics, reinforced hose, steel fuel tank, and advanced wedges.

In addition, the machines often come with integrated log trays to store the wood. Some even include filters to get rid of the contaminants the device generates while it functions.

Moreover, you can use some of these splitters both vertically and horizontally. Plus, they have sturdy wheels and towing options. So, you can easily transport them to wherever you may need your firewood.

They are safe to use in both industrial wood workshops and home environments!

If you plan to operate these machines within a shelter or a garage, you’ll need to ensure enough ventilation to avoid being overcome by fumes.

All in all, each one is potent enough to perform well in situations where you need to split many types of wood logs efficiently.

Who Would Most Benefit From Using A 22-24 Ton Gas Wood Splitters 


Some regions may have an abundance of softwood, while some sport a lot of hardwood. But, no matter what type of logs there are, chances are, you will need firewood if you live in a colder area of the globe.

split logs using a petrol wood splitterThus, the gas log splitter is essential if you plan to spend less time outside chopping logs and more time in front of the fireplace or your wood stove oven.

Gas log splitters are generally larger than electric splitters and require a bit of skill to assemble. 

All in all the assembly is probably the most challenging part. Once you’ve completed that step, your firewood splitting life will become much easier. 

For instance, the automated wedge will cleanly split those wood logs with just a button push or pull of a lever, making you a master of log splitter in no time!

In essence, these machines are a good fit for people who often need firewood or carpenters, woodworkers who require extraordinary splintering power.

The Detailed Reviews Of Our Top 4 Picks in the 22-24 Ton Wood Splitting Range

The world of gas log splitters has evolved over the last few years. So, even among the 22-24 ton devices, some exceptional ones perform better than the others.

So, here, we’ll take a look at four of those extraordinary gas log splitters.

#1. Remington RM23 Sequoia 159cc 23 Ton Log Splitter

Remington 23 ton upright log splitterPowerful & Efficient!

With cutting-edge technology, the Remington RM23 Sequoia 159cc 23 Ton Gas Log Splitter blends power with efficiency.

Therefore, this gas splitter will free you from the back-breaking work of splitting that hardwood with an ax and maul. After all, it boasts a 159CC OHV POWERMORE engine that will power through even the 15″ thick twisted wood logs relatively quickly.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at it,


Remington constructs this machine with top-quality materials and advanced technology. Moreover, they add a pair of sturdy wheels with 16″ x4.8″ tires that will survive against rough terrains.

Aside from these, the core of the machine has a durable tapered wedge. 

Additionally, the engine and the machine’s core components have a solid chassis to protect them from the outside elements and accidental impacts.

All in all, this device has decent durability.


This machine is flexible enough to split wood both horizontally and vertically. In addition, its operator controls are at a central position, so it’s easy to use in most situations.

However, due to the heavy-duty chassis and robust components, the device is pretty heavy. Thus, it can be challenging to move it around.

Even so, Remington has installed durable wheels with turf tread tires along with a 2″ hitch coupler on this device. This way, you can easily tow it with a tractor, vehicle!

In short, this machine has excellent maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

It has a 19 seconds cycle time. Within this time, this device can cleanly split a 25″ long wood log as long as it doesn’t have too many knots.

As far as cycle time goes, this is not overly fast, neither is it too slow. Nevertheless, it comes with 23 US tons of splitting force, so it should still split most logs effortlessly.

Therefore, this gas log splitter has an average cycle time between the strokes.

Remington manufacturer warranty

Remington offers a two-year limited warranty for this device. Fortunately, most of its components are high quality, so the likelihood of these getting damaged is pretty low.

Moreover, this device has gone through extensive testing to ensure smooth performance and a long lifetime.

Remington customer service

Remington’s customer service is well organized and responsive. Additionally, you can get online support from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EDT.

This way, you can get help while assembling or using the machine. 

For more complex problems, you can quickly locate a nearby customer service through their online service locator.

Customer reviews of the Remington 23 ton log splitter

The majority of the customers who chose to purchase this gas log splitter were amazed at its work efficiency. After all, it may not be the fastest gas log splitter, but it’s still one that offers reliable performance with tremendous power.

Moreover, its efficiency is excellent for the price tag. 

On the other hand, this machine is pretty heavy, and it generates quite a bit of noise when it operates.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a potent gas splitter to feed your fireplace more efficiently, you can’t go wrong with the Remington RM23 Sequoia 159cc 23 Ton Log Splitter.

#2. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 24-Ton, 160cc Honda GX160 Engine

NorthStar 24 ton upright log splitterSturdy & Easy to Use!

Superior engineering and high-grade components make the 24 tons NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter one of the sturdiest machines among the gas log splitters.

Moreover, exclusive features and patented technologies ensure that the device is easy to operate and maintain.

Thus, let’s see what makes this machine so unique.


This log splitter combines an industrial-grade I-beam with a sturdy steel plate log stripper, a durable log table, and a cast-iron concentric pump. Moreover, it has an automatic low-oil shutdown feature and a steel fuel tank.

As such, even the honda engine will perform better for an extended period without suffering any internal damage.

In a nutshell, this machine is more durable than most other gas log splitters.


With a pair of oversized wheels and a two-inch ball coupler, this device is very flexible. Plus, it has an adjustable jack to enhance its maneuverability further.

Moreover, like the Remington log splitter, it too can operate in both vertical and horizontal positions without too much hassle. Additionally, it comes with high-speed tires and fenders. This way, you can quickly tow this device to wherever you may need its power.

So, in essence, this machine has high maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

Due to its superior engineering, this device has a 13 seconds cycle time. Additionally, it has an auto-return wedge technology which saves time and effort while operating this machine.

Furthermore, the slide action self-leveling pivot makes it quicker to prepare the machine for splitting logs. 

Plus, you can add optional NorthStar wedge wings to improve the device’s efficiency.

However, the true strength of this log splitter comes from the sturdy I-beam that prevents twisting and cuts down cycle time.

All in all, it has an impressive cycle time between strokes.

NorthStar manufacturer warranty

NorthStar offers a multi-stage warranty for this log splitter. 

Firstly, it has a four-year limited consumer warranty. Then, there is a one-year commercial limited warranty.

Finally, they provide a three-year engine warranty for the Honda GX.

In short, this machine has a complex but compelling backing.

NorthStar customer service

For over thirty years, NorthStar has been setting the standard for gas log splitters. So, they have excellent customer service that protects this age-old reputation.

However, this machine requires a lot of assembling before it’s ready for duty. Thus, you may need to contact their customer service frequently to set up the device without flaws.

Customer reviews of the NorthSatr 24 ton log splitter

An overwhelming 82% of buyers who chose this device have praised its durable nature. Additionally, they often mention how easy it was to use the machine to split logs.

Moreover, it’s highly maneuverable. As such, it can perform well in multiple orientations. This way, you can even bring it along for your camping trip.

In contrast, it’s pretty challenging to assemble this device. But, after the assembling is complete, you can freely split most types of logs.

In a nutshell, the buyers want a sturdy gas log splitter that they can rely upon, and this machine offers just that!

Powerhorse Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 22 Tons, 212cc Engine

Powerhorse 22 ton upright log splitterClean & Efficient!

The 22 tons Powerhorse Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter boasts a cleaner performance than the previous two machines. After all, it comes with Powerhorse 10 Micron Zinga filter and 100 mesh suction strainer that works as a pre-filter for contaminants.

Plus, it even has a 40-micron breather that prevents airborne contaminants from damaging the hydraulics.

Moreover, it has an excellent cycle time despite its size. This way, it’s pretty efficient in splitting logs.

So, let’s take a detailed look at this fantastic device.


This log splitter has a sturdy chassis along with hydraulic components that helps it stay clean. Thus, it’s unlike to get damaged from contaminants.

Furthermore, it comes with a sturdy wedge and a durable pair of wheels. Additionally, these wheels sport eight-inch tires that protect them from rough obstacles. 

However, still, it’s not as sturdy as NorthStars 24 ton gas splitter.


When it comes to maneuverability, this machine has a two-inch ball coupler and high-speed wheels.

For instance, while towing, it can reach up to 45 MPH. Moreover, its ability to operate in both horizontal and vertical orientations is fantastic.

All in all, this gas log splitter has excellent maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

It has a 13 seconds cycle time. Like the NorthStar machine, this device has an auto return wedge, and ultimately they have an identical cycle time between each stroke.

On the other hand, the 212cc Powerhorse OHV engine can only deliver 22 tons of ram force, while the NorthStar Honda GX offers 24 tons of pure power.

Therefore, when splitting hardwood that has not yet dried, the NorthStar machine may have a better cycle time than the Powerhorse gas log splitter.

Then again, this log splitter is more affordable than the NorthStar device.

Powerhorse manufacturer warranty

This Powerhorse gas log splitter comes with a three-year consumer limited warranty. Furthermore, it has a two-year limited warranty for the engine.

It has a rugged design, so it’s unlikely to get damaged from typical accidents. This way, with this device, you can split logs with confidence for years to come.

Powerhorse customer service

Powerhorse offers somewhat reliable customer service. However, even though their 22 tons log splitter requires a lot of special tools to assemble effectively, it may take a while before you can receive help from the experts.

But, fortunately, with a bit of practice and patience, you will be able to assemble and fix minor flaws with little help from the customer service.

Customer reviews of the Powerhorse 22 ton log splitter

About 80% of customers who chose this gas log splitter praised its excellent performance and efficiency. In addition, the lightweight design and clean hydraulics make it perfect for use in the home environment.

Moreover, the buyers often mention that its engine is fuel-efficient, and the wheels are sturdy enough for extended trips.

But, the assembling process may take a long while. For instance, it takes about 2.5 hours with two people, while a single person may need four or more hours to assemble this machine.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a cleaner, efficient gas log splitter, this device won’t let you down!

#4. WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter, 22 Ton

WEN 22 ton upright log splitterSafe & Durable!

The 22 tons WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter combines a durable frame with extraordinary safety measures.

In addition, it boasts a decent amount of power and bleeding-edge technology to meet all your log splitting needs.

Thus, without further ado, let’s take a look at this machine.


With a sturdy chassis and a heat-treated steel wedge, this gas log splitter is pretty durable. Moreover, it sports heavy gauge welded steel construction making it nearly indestructible in most situations.

Furthermore, it has a two-handed operations system to ensure that the user remains at a safe distance away from the wedge.

Also, you can use lubricants to extend the lifespans of the inner machinery of this device.

In essence, this machine has decent durability, and it’s safer to use than the previous log splitters.


This machine is pretty lightweight compared to most other gas log splitters. But, it’s not as versatile as a horizontal/vertical log splitter.

However, it does have a two-inch ball and tow hitch for more accessible transportation. Moreover, it even has safety chains to ensure the machine stays connected with your vehicle while transporting.

Like the Powerhorse machine, it also has wheels that allow towing speed to reach 45 MPH.

All in all, this log splitter has good maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

It has a 14 seconds cycle time. During each of these cycles, it can split a 25-inch long log with a 14-inch diameter.

Additionally, the hydraulic cylinder and the two-stage pump assist the heat-treated 7-inch steel wedge cut through any wood logs with relative ease. As such, the cycle time will most likely remain the same regardless of the wood type.

WEN manufacturer warranty

WEN backs this gas log splitter with a two-year warranty. Unlike most other log splitter warranties, this one provides a more fulfilling coverage.

After all, this machine comes with high-quality construction and exclusive safety measures that shall last for years while keeping the user safe.

WEN customer service

The customer service for the WEN products is pretty convenient. They respond quickly and offer efficient solutions to most problems.

Moreover, they offer online services from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST. 

However, you may need to provide the purchase PDF and product details via email for warranty claims.

Customer reviews of the WEN 22 ton log splitter

A staggering 85% of buyers who chose this gas log splitter are pleased with its safe and sturdy nature. Furthermore, they often praise it for its compact frame.

In addition, the safety chain and the two-handed operation have ensured the safety of many users.

However, it’s not as versatile as most other gas log splitters, so this device may not be very suitable if you prefer a more flexible machine.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the best gas log splitters out there.

Bottom Line

It’s tough to split logs, but it becomes pretty easy with the right log splitter. The 22-24 ton gas log splitters may not be the most powerful machines for splitting wood, but they get the job done!

You can freely tow them around, split any wood log, and feed your fireplace and stove more efficiently.

So, get one of these top-quality machines today and give it a try!