20 ton fire wood log splitter

The Best 20-Ton Gas Log Splitter Comparison Review For 2023

Log splitting is a time-consuming and arduous task. Plus, it requires plenty of physical strength, and it can be hazardous if you don’t have enough experience.
Thus, if you need a lot of firewood but don’t want the hassle of manually splitting them with an ax and maul, a 20-ton gas log splitter is an ideal choice.
After all, these powerful machines can cut through large amounts of wood logs in a relatively short time. Moreover, they are way safer than using an ax.
However, these log splitters can be noisy, and they generate fumes.
Therefore, it’s best to use these machines outdoors. But, if you have a well-ventilated shelter or an open garage, you can also use these machines in there to protect it and yourself from the burnt of the harsh weather.

protect wood splitter from snow
In a nutshell, with a 20-ton gas-powered log splitter, it’s easier to turn the once tedious chore into an easy job that anyone can do with minimal effort.
So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at these machines to figure out what makes them so extraordinary!

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What are the 20-ton gas log splitters best for

You can probably get high-quality firewood with almost any log splitters if you have access to ash, pecan, or dogwood logs. 

However, if you must split hardwood like hickory, oak, or the common redwood, a 20-ton gas splitter will be much more efficient. Moreover, the log pieces may have knots, or you may not have too much time to dry them out completely.

Cut Logs ready to be spilit by gas wood splitter

In such cases, these machines will still offer you enough power to go through the wood log pile sitting in your yard with minimal hassle.

On the other hand, compared to the residential use electric log splitters, these devices are bulkier and harder to maneuver. 

Furthermore, these aren’t the most environment-friendly machines. 

Nevertheless, the power and efficiency of a gas log splitter more than make up for these flaws. 

All in all, the 20-ton gas log splitters are best for splitting several different types of logs or separating high-density wood. Moreover, you can use it to feed the home furnace, stove, or meet the needs of an industrial workshop with excellent efficiency.

Who these 20-ton wood splitters would suit best

The 20-ton gas log splitters are relatively easy to use and handle. But, the user will need to take proper safety measures to prevent accidental injuries. Thus, this machine is unsuitable for children or kids, but almost any adult can operate it with minimal hassle.

Usually, if you need to split wood logs that are 20-25 inches in length and 16 inches in diameter, these log splitters are the perfect machine for you.

Moreover, you’ll need to split logs faster in colder regions, and most of these gas-powered devices do just that.

wood ready for splitting by a petrol log splitter

Typically, these machines have a 7,8 seconds cycle time between strokes. So, they’re incredibly efficient!

In addition, these devices come with heavy-duty engines and hydraulics to handle large-scale log splitting tasks. 

Split logs ready to use for a hot fireplace

As such, if you’re looking for a reliable way to get through your pile of wood logs quickly without breaking your back, then these machines will be a perfect fit!

The best 20-ton gas log splitters

With time, the world of log splitters has expanded. Therefore, even among the 20-ton gas log splitters, some machines will perform better than others.

Thus, it can be pretty challenging to find a device that suits your needs!

With that in mind, in this section, we’ll go over two of the best 20-ton gas-powered log splitters. This way, you can see how they stack up against each other and make a more informed decision.

So, let’s see what these machines have to offer,

#1 SuperHandy Log Splitter 20-Ton Force With 7HP Engine

SuperHandy Wood Log Splitter Portable 20 Ton Rapid Auto Return Ram System Bucher Gear Pump 7HP Engine Horizontal Full Beam Steel Wedge Firewood SplittingPowerful & Durable!

The SuperHandy 20 Ton Gas Log Splitter offers a near-perfect balance between power and durability. After all, it has an advanced 7 HP motor, superior hydraulics, and a sturdy, strategic build.

However, this machine has many more fantastic features. Thus, let’s take a detailed look at it,


This machine comes with a high-quality steel frame and durable machinery. Plus, the frame protects the hydraulics and a side of the engine.

Moreover, it has sturdy rear transport wheels. So it won’t be damaged quickly during transportation too.

As a bonus, its engine has a low oil sensor. With it, If there’s not enough oil to work efficiently, the motor will auto-shutoff to prevent damage. This way, the 20-ton log splitter will last for years.

So, in essence, it has excellent durability.


SuperHandy’s 20-ton gas log splitter has two sizeable 10 inches rear wheels with quality tires. These wheels work smoothly to ensure maximum portability.

In addition, this device also has an ergonomic handlebar. So, you can pull, push or tow the device from site to site with little to no effort. 

However, it’s still heavier than most of the tiny electric or kinetic log splitters. Non the less, you can fit it on the back of your truck.

Therefore, it boasts decent maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

It has a 7.5 seconds cycle time. Thus, it can go through more enormous log piles in a relatively short amount of time.

For instance, it can split a 20.5 inches long and 16 inches thick wood log within each cycle!

So, it may not be as fast as the kinetic splitters with 2-3 seconds cycle time. But, it’s still almost twice as fast as the standard electric log splitter with 12-20 seconds of cycle time.

As such, this device has an efficient cycle time between strokes.

SuperHandy manufacturer warranty

Unfortunately, this machine does not have a specific manufacturer warranty. But, it’s possible to get some backings for this machine if you purchase it from reputable websites or businesses like Amazon.

Moreover, this device boasts a 209 cc gas motor and a two-stage hydraulic Bucher gear pump combo. As such, it should function without flaws for years to come.

Nonetheless, the warranty for this machine is not the best.

SuperHandy customer service

SuperHandy provides responsive, effective customer service. Specifically, within 30 days of purchase, you may even get a refund pretty quickly if the machine has any defective parts.

Additionally, they offer practical manuals for this log splitter. Plus, this machine requires very little maintenance. So, you can solve most problems regarding its operation with some help from the experts.

The overall customer service is better than average.

Customer reviews

About 74% of buyers who chose the SuperHandy 20 Ton Gas Log Splitter praised its powerful performance and durable nature.

Furthermore, they often mention how quickly and effortlessly this machine popped apart multiple chords of wood. Moreover, this device can handle even the hardwood without too much hassle.

But, its lack of manufacturer warranty does give rise to some complaints. Yet, the excellent customer service and consistent performance more than make up for this flaw.

So, if you need a gas log splitter with power and sturdiness, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

#2 Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter

Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Wood SplitterReliable & Efficient!

With a proven GC-160 Honda engine and superior hydraulics, the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter is highly reliable and efficient. Plus, it provides one of the best warranties!

Therefore, let’s take a detailed look at it,


Like the previous log splitter, this machine also has a durable metal frame. Moreover, it has a top-quality motor, hydraulics combination that can function for years without causing any significant flaws.

Additionally, it has a sturdy pair of transportation wheels. These wheels also feature quality tires.

As such, you can transport this device through uneven terrains without worrying about the machine getting damaged quickly.

So, all in all, it boasts fantastic durability.


This log splitter is a bit heavier, and it doesn’t have an ergonomic handlebar like the previous one. But, fortunately, it has efficient 8 inches rear wheels and tires.

Furthermore, due to the design of its handle, it’s easier to use a safety chain and tow this machine from site to site.

In contrast, if you have a relatively small vehicle, you may not be able to carry it on the back of your car comfortably.

Thus, this device offers average maneuverability.

Cycle times between strokes

It has an approximate 7 seconds cycle time. Also, its powerful hydraulics and motor can handle almost any type of wood log while keeping up the pace.

Moreover, within each cycle, it can split logs that are 25 inches in length and 16 inches in diameter!

In addition, this machine has an ideal height which is a bit more than two feet. So, you can quickly put the next wood log in for splitting without too much hassle.

Therefore, it has extraordinary efficiency and cycle time between strokes.

Brave’s manufacturer warranty

Brave backs this gas log splitter with a two-year limited warranty. Plus, you can get an additional Amazon warranty or CPS protection for it.

As such, this machine has one of the best warranties when it comes to gas log splitters. 

Furthermore, it has high durability and top-quality parts. Thus, it’s unlikely to get damaged during operations or transportations. Also, you can get a quick replacement for any defective parts since this machine is pretty popular.

So, in a nutshell, it offers a reliable warranty.

Brave customer service

The customer service for this log splitter is responsive and effective. In addition, Brave offers customer support through chat, email or fax, phone. So, it’s pretty versatile.

Moreover, they operate from Monday-Friday from 7 am to 5 pm CST. During this time, you can quickly get assistance from the Brave official website for any query or minor flaws that may show up on the machine.

Therefore, it has excellent customer service.

Customer reviews

A staggering 84% of customers who chose to buy the Brave 20-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Gas Log Splitter praised it for its reliable nature and high efficiency.

Also, they often mention how easy it is to operate this device to split any wood log. Moreover, this machine seems to go through piles of logs in a concise amount of time.

In contrast, there are some complaints regarding its weight and lack of an ergonomic handle. 

All in all, the feedback is primarily positive, so if you need a reliable gas log splitter with excellent efficiency, this one won’t disappoint you!

Bottom Line

While the 20-ton gas log splitters are incredibly handy, you will need to look at several factors before you pick one up. 

After all, your ideal log splitter will make the task easy for you. On the other hand, an unsuitable machine will not only break your bank and back, but it’ll also ruin your day pretty quickly.

Thus, take your time and choose carefully. After finding a suitable device, you can clear up multiple cords of hardwood logs with relative ease.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, pick up one of these top-quality gas log splitters and try it out today!